Chicken stew, imported bacon, and fat asses

Dear Britt (am I supposed to address you?)

This is my first time signing on…. I love this idea and THANK YOU for coming up with it.

It’s cold in Paris, and rainy, so last night I invited Pascal, Asian Sarah, and Chloe over for dinner and made the truest of comfort foods: chicken stew with biscuits. A variation on chicken pot pie – but better.

  • The good: it’s delicious, and a crowd pleaser. Bonus points because you stick it in the oven for the last ~30 minutes which gives you time to prep a salad, start cleaning, clear your table, or open wine before friends arrive.
  • The bad: turns out Baking Soda (bicarbonate in french) is not interchangeable with Baking powder (thanks Chloe) – stick with the recipe and use powder unless you A) plan on adding some lemon or other acid or B) don’t mind a little taste of metal


I used our college trick of a wine bottle (actually it was sherry) for a rolling pin, and rolled out the biscuits on a dish towel covered in flower, weighed down on each corner.

To complement the stew, we also had:

  • Salad: Mache and Arugula mix; our lemon mustard vinaigrette; bacon (imported by from Hanover St.’s 711); toasted pine nuts (they weren’t even burnt); cherry tomatoes
  • Wine: a white burgundy to start and muscat to finish
  • Convo: that time my mom told me I couldn’t get pregnant in my ass (and MEANT that you can’t excuse having a fat ass by saying your pregnant); french wedding photos, bitches be crazy (when fighting over french men boys) – briefly interrupted by your call to make sure I wasn’t dead (sorry for not responding to your messages!)

Off to my last meeting of the day!




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