Milanesa de carne WITH Sara Johnson

I stayed late at work doing some orgo HW so I wanted to make a quick meal that I could also milk for lunch leftovers. I’ve been a little homesick* lately because of the change in weather. My senior year of high school, when we were finally allowed to eat off campus for lunch, my friends and I would go to this restaurant called la estancia argentina. It was more of a cafeteria than a restaurant, and it had amazing steak dishes for argentinean prices (cheap cheap cheap). Anyway, I used to get the milanesa a lot; so today, as I reflected on Miami, I decided to make it.

It’s basically breaded and fried steak (I used a traditional shoulder cut but there’s some wiggle room here for improvisation) but before you bread and fry it, you pound it out so it’s skinny skinny skinny. I don’t have a mallet, so I used our timeless trick of plastic bag + can opener to get it nice and flat. After you pound it out, you bread and fry like you would anything else (flour, egg, breadcrumbs).
Mallet substitute (plus bean salad in the shot!)

Thickness pre pounding:

Thickness post pounding:

The good: very easy to make, especially on a weeknight, yummy, can be paired with a variety of sides
The bad: I made too much. Wahhh

To go along with the milanesa, I made:
bean salad and butternut squash (talk about memory lane). I forgot to take a post cooking shot but was too hungry/distracted to remember.

XO bb

* home being Miami sometimes


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