(Not so spicy) tomato soup, Mac and (shh!) cheese

So last night, I decided on the way home to make dinner for Chloe and myself so had to think of what I had at home. Turns out- babs’s soup is great for that, as is Mac and cheese (if you always keep a hunk of gruyere on hand, comme moi).

I didn’t have red pepper flakes (hard to find in the land of the pica-loathing frogs), but I added paprika and a little cumin (standard BW spicing) and actually that made it DELICIOUS. I added creme fraiche on top (what the French lack in spice, they make up for in creme fraiche).

For the Mac and cheese – I made the New Basics recipe – my favorite as a kid, I know you can’t eat it and I’m sorry BC it’s is AWESOME… Especially with tomato soup.

Remember when i heated up Mac and cheese at “our” place on Boston ave? I was a little short on gruyere (def Swiss, not French), but supplemented with Emmenthal (swiss cheese in English) and a little Parmesan to give it a kick.

Heavy pepper, heavy paprika.

Half a bottle of wine from the night before and it was a hit. Also both are great for leftovers (if you don’t have a cheese-queasy roomate)


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