White bean, hazelnut soup and gruyere rosemary loaf

A few weeks ago, I tried two recipes:
* a white bean, hazelnut and celery soup from Barbara Lynch’s Stir
* a rosemary gruyere loaf from Ottolenghi (his free recipe app)

I had Sarah and Chloe over (what else is new) and it was our mini holiday dinner

First – if you haven’t cooked ottolengi’s stuff before, you should definitely check it out – really awesome stuff.

The soup was pretty easy, except there are a number of accoutrements that can make it time intensive – but so delicious. The hazelnut oil really makes the soup, and instead of making homemade mini raviolis to add on top I bought these mini spaetlzle and sautéed them in the hazelnut oil, which was way easier and also delicious.

The loaf – great for a crowd, and I love dishes that you put in the oven as a last step, as it lets you get all your ducks in a row before people arrive. So I used rosemary, gruyere, and roasted tomatoes but you can definitely substitute the gruyere for something else and it will still be delicious (the recipe even suggests this).

the good
I loves the eggy-ness of the loaf, and the combo of a silky smooth soup with all the yummy stuff on top.
the bad
I strained the soup per babs’s instructions, but it was so thick that this took awhile and left me with a lot of goop that I threw away.





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