Short rib pot pie with kels, Ashley deck, Lindsay, vane and Travis

Ashley’s brother got her a subscription to bon appetit. I was on the phone with Kelsey and this recipe literally made me gasp and stop speaking mid sentence. Short rib. Pot pie. The marriage of two of my favorite things. This recipe isn’t much harder than making short ribs on their own. Plus, you can make the crust and the filling ahead of time if you couldn’t dedicate 5 hours on one particular day.

So my issue was I was out of it when I originally bought the short ribs. I ended up buying bone in ribs when I should have bought boneless and didn’t realize until I started cooking. Ashley deck had to make an emergency run to Sulmona (the only place in the north end that had any short ribs left- I called a lot of places). So I basically had to double the amount of ribs since they were bone-in.

The crust was incredible! The ribs were incredible! This was incredible. You HAVE to make this. Maybe we can have it together in Boston. I served it with a simple salad (mixed greens, avocado, tomatoes, pine nuts).

Good food. Good beer. Feel like I’m going to explode



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