Steak salad and roasted sage potatoes with SarJo and Katherine

Last night, I needed to make something easy and quick so I decided to put together a simple steak salad with potatoes. For the steak salad, I marinated a piece of flank steak for 1 hour with the soyaki sauce from whole foods (one of the best marinades I think). I was going to grill it to avoid the clean up but I honestly got too lazy to climb the exta flight of stairs so I ended up just pan frying it. I sautéed pine nuts in olive oil, cut some cherry tomatoes, and mixed everything atop some mixed greens.
My favorite part of this meal was the potatoes. I sliced blue and red potatoes very thinly and then mixed the potatoes with olive oil, chopped sage, garlic, salt and let it sit for 30 mins. Then I spread them one layer thick on a baking sheet and roasted at 425 for about 30 mins. So good. They retained the sage flavor so well after sitting in the olive oil mix.
This was the wine I was telling you about. My new obsession, so good.

This meal is a great go to for the summer. It’s fast, easy, and filling. No real hassle.



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