Chicken thighs over arugula chickpea salad, salt and vinegar potatoes, and matchstick zucchini with Sorcher, Ashley and deck

So I told you about this before, but here are the recipes for the dinner I made last night. Obviously everything is gluten free. There were a few hiccups:
1. I think I would want to cut the potatoes a little smaller. I think even slicing them super thin would be great.
2. It was hard to tell if the chicken thighs were fully cooked. I ended up doing them on a pan instead of the grill.
3. I would roast the zucchini instead of pan frying them.

For the chicken: bon appetit
For the potatoes: bon appetit
For the zucchini: I made it up. I sliced the zucchini into skinny small pieces, marinated in olive oil, garlic, and pepper flakes. Pan fried for a few minutes until zucchini was soft.

20140528-225256-82376163.jpgCute baby potatoes!
20140528-225257-82377017.jpg The potatoes cook in vinegar. It’s amazing.
20140528-225257-82377827.jpgI added way more thyme than the recipe called for because I usually want way more herbs in recipes.



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